David Scutt


David Arthur Scutt died on 18 July 2014

He was an unusual, remarkable and courageous man.

He was born on 9 March 1925. His father, Arthur Octavius, studied at St John’s College, Oxford, before taking up holy orders and eventually becoming vicar of Thurnham in Kent. His mother was born in Burma, returning to England and settled in Hythe, where she met his father, where he was a curate.

His parents had three children – Christine, the eldest became a vet; Avis a BBC announcer, later on stage for Noel Coward and appearing with Richard Burton on film, and his brother, Robin, later becoming deputy head of BBC TV.

He was educated at Bryanston school, Dorset, where he started to develop his love of debating, plays and poetry, going up to Worcester College, Oxford, where he took Greats. It was here that he began to have doubts about the morality of war and became a conscientious objector, resulting in prison sentences of nearly two years. He joined the Friends Quaker Relief Service in Germany, where he met a young woman, Irmgard, who was later to become his wife.

His teaching career, classics, was mainly in London, and included the Royal Ballet School. He became an examiner for the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board for classical civilisation and modern Greek, which he learned to speak.

All his life David was a campaigner for peace in the world and a strong supporting member of Pax Christi.

Upon retirement he lived in Dolgellau, to be near his daughter, Marion. He moved into the Abbeyfield there when his wife needed long term care, later moving back to Oxford, the Abbeyfield, when she died.

In the Oxford Abbeyfield we much enjoyed his scholarship, keen sense of humour, and particularly his poetry afternoons. He keenly liked to attend the Catholic church, enjoying the company of children. He also enjoyed visits to the cinema arranged by a trustee.

He is greatly missed by us.

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