Messing about on the river

going to the boat (Medium)
Getting aboard (Medium)
ChaowadeeandIlhan (Medium)
Is this safe (Medium)
Joan, Jean + Venetia (Medium)
Lovely day (Medium)
Checking the route (Medium)
River view (Medium)
Waiting for the boat (Medium)

On Thursday 21st May we left Abbeyfield Oxford at 9.45 am. It was a bright, sunny and warm morning and our Trustee drivers were at the wheel. After two exciting crossings of the Eynsham toll bridge (5p) we soon arrived at the mooring point on the Thames, where the now familiar boat RiverTime was ready for boarding.

The countryside was at its best as we cruised past fields of yellow garlic mustard, then sheep, lambs, ducks and geese in the meadows sharing the peaceful scene.

Pinkhill Lock was negotiated with ease, then coffee and a picnic lunch were served on a long table erected by the crew. A veritable feast as usual!

As the boat turned homeward we just relaxed and watched the serene springtime scenes all around.

At 1pm we were safely and happily back to our mooring spot at Eynsham.

A very happy day, much enjoyed and appreciated by all.


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