Trading Standards Talk

For our September Coffee Morning at Abbeyfield Oxford we welcomed Shelley Edwards from Oxford City Council’s Trading Standards Department.

She particularly wished to make clear the danger of fraud perpetrated not only upon the elderly, although that was her main point, but on anyone, from untrustworthy people who sought to exploit weaknesses through telephone calls, emails and mail.

It was quite alarming to hear how plausible are these fraudsters in obtaining confidential information from the gullible. “Never disclose your “pin” number – your bank never ask for it – and don’t send payment when asked unless you are sure of the supplier”.

Sometimes there are callers who tell you have been mis-sold services: treat these with great caution. Others may tell you they can recover damages if you have been involved in an accident. If so realise that they take a large percentage of any recovery.

Do not allow your name to be given for use on an address list – at the very least you will be inundated with unsolicited mail. One lady investigated had 30,000 letters from charities.

Sometimes you may receive emails purporting to come from a friend whom you are told has been robbed, asking you to send money. Often you can tell whether they are genuine from the way they are written, but always check with you friend first. Better safe than sorry.

“Keep Calm and Hang Up!”

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